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Big Bay, Cape Town and surrounds climate


Cape Town has a fairly long summer stretching from late October to early April with temperatures ranging between the mid twenties and mid thirties.

The days are long, allowing more time for daytime activities before settling down for a sundowner around 8:30pm.

During the summer months, the South Easter wind blows fairly often, sometimes reaching gale force speeds, known as the "Cape Doctor". It is rare for a gale force wind to blow for more than three consecutive days without a rest.

In February and March the wind blows less frequently making way for calm and hot days.

cape town south africa


Summer and autumn seem to overlap in the Cape.
From April, the days start to get shorter and the evenings cooler. The days are sunny and it is not unusual to experience daytime temperatures in the mid to high twenties.


Winter is the rainy season. The temperatures range between 14ºC and 22ºC during the day and seldom fall below 7ºC in the evening.

From June through to September, the days are short and the nights long. During this period, the gusty North Wester wind brings cold fronts and stormy weather in from the Atlantic.

As a result of the winter rainfall, the country side is green, the rivers flow freely and the normally dry rock faces on the mountain are turned into cascading waterfalls.

Cape Town has experienced fairly mild winters for the past few years and has enjoyed many sunny and mild days instead of the relentless storms of the past.

Winter has its beauty together with the advantages that accommodation is usually very much cheaper during the off season. If basking in the sun is not for you, visit Cape Town in Winter.

cape town south africa


The first hint of Spring is usually witnessed in late August. September is an unpredictable month, sometimes the South Easter starts to blow or the North Wester continues to blow. October and November offer moderate temperatures with warm days and mild nights.

The highlights of Spring in the Cape are the West Coast wild flowers that create a multi coloured carpet affect across the open fields from mid/late August extending into September.

cape town south africa
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